Band: Vortex
Release: Metal Bats (EP)
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1985
Label: Self-Released

Reigning as one of the Netherlands’ finest heavy metal bands, Vortex are surely known for their distinct sound, as perpetrated by the gritty vocal stylings of Thundervox. ¬†At times, this record feels like a conglomeration of Mercyful Fate tracks, but obviously not as powerful. ¬†Nonetheless, “Metal Bats” is nothing but a solid EP; no surprises, no technical fillers… just raw and gritty heavy metal!

Rating: 83%

Vortex Netherlands Heavy Metal
Thundervox: Vocals
Whirlewolf: Guitars
The Steeg: Guitars
The Chief: Drums
Macleans: Bass