Band: Moon of Steel
Release: Passions (Full-Length)
Genre: Power/Progressive Metal
Country: Italy
Year: 1989
Label:¬†Cult ‘N’ Roses

One thing I’ve learned from the 80s Italian heavy metal scene is their unconventional combination of melody and mysticism, and no other band does it better than the mighty Moon of Steel. ¬†Following in the footsteps of similar native acts such as Flight Charm, Dark Lord and Crying Steel, Moon of Steel‘s unique charm revolves around the progressive nature of heavy metal, making “Passions” one of the most refreshing Italian albums of all time.

Rating: 93%

Moon of Steel Italy Heavy Metal
Andrea Ruggeri: Vocals
Vic de Lamare: Guitars
Gianluca Oliveri: Guitars
Marco Vaccaro: Bass
Ray “Skip” Northiend: Drums