Band: Brainfever
Release: Face to Face (Full-Length)
Genre: Speed Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1986
Label: Bellaphon Records

The second and final full-length album by legendary German speed metallers Brainfever.  A step up from “Capture the Night”, “Face to Face” takes that classic speed metal sound we all know and love and totally revamps it, making way for a more memorable experience.  The riffs have greatly matured and vocalist Horst Neumann delivers a performance that can only be characterized by sheer passion, as felt throughout tracks like “Caught by the Fire” or “Devil’s Eyes”.  Surely this is a record that exceeds all expectations of a typical speed metal band, and should therefore never be overlooked.

Rating: 88%

Brainfever Germany Speed Metal
Horst Neumann: Vocals
Marco Böttcher: Guitars
Heinz Schreiber: Bass
Eric Hirschhäuser: Drums