Band: Aragorn
Release: Noonday – The Aragorn Anthology
Country: United Kingdom
Year: Tracks recorded from 1980-1983/Released as a compilation in 2003
Label: Sanctuary Records

The full discography of UK legends Aragorn, featuring the highly requested unreleased album “The Night is Burning”!  Man were these guys ever under-appreciated, as they have got to be one of the heaviest and most gritty NWOBHM bands out there.  

Tracks 1-2: Taken from debut single Black Ice
Tracks 3-14: From the unreleased album “The Night Is Burning”.
Track 8: Cover of Golden Earring’s “Radar Love”.
Tracks 15-17: Single demos
Tracks 18-19: Taken from album demos
Tracks 20-22: From unreleased single “Hungry for Love”.

Track 15 flows over in a short cover of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”.

Rating: 85%

Aragorn (UK) NWOBHM
Chris Dunne: Vocals
John Hull: Guitars
Mike Ellis: Drums
Dale Lee: Bass
Chris White: Bass (Tracks 20-22)
Andy Halliwell: Guitars (Tracks 20-22)