Band: Rue Morgue
Release: Rue Morgue (Full-Length)
Genre: Power Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1990
Label: Knock On Wood

Oh man how much I love this record…Everything from the classic “USPM”-like sound to the obscure artwork is simply heavy metal heaven. I also really enjoy the use of keyboards on this record to capture a more “medieval” approach to their music. ┬áThis can easily be heard throughout the magnificent “Walking In Silence” track, which clocks in at almost 10 minutes! ┬áBe prepared to be taken on a ride on that one! Definitely one of my favourite songs off this album. Now go on ahead and enjoy the hell out of this one dudes, you will not regret it!

Rating: 92%

Rue Morgue Germany Heavy Metal
Wolfgang Nitschke: Vocals, Guitars
Ulli Heinze: Guitars
Klaus Hader: Bass
Lothar Hermann: Drums
Rainer Hettwer: Keyboards