Band: Bleak House
Release: Rainbow Warrior (Single)
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1980
Label: Buzzard Records

It is hard to talk about the NWOBHM without mentioning the great Bleak House, who released some of the most memorable singles of the early 80s that greatly kick-started the whole scene. This right here is their very first single from 1980, showcasing their marvelous talent and musical structure that even gives the mighty Iron Maiden a run for their money! ¬†Easily goes down as one my top 10 NWOBHM singles of all time, and if you’re not convinced just yet, give “Isandhlwana” a listen; don’t let the obscurity of the title fool you!

Rating: 98%

Bleak House - Rainbow Warrior (1980) NWOBHM
Graham Shaw: Vocals
Bob Bonshor: Guitars
Graham Killin: Guitars
Gez Turner: Bass
Roy Reed: Drums