Band: Drakkard
Release: Les Mystères de la Vie (Full-Length)
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal
Country: France
Year: 1986
Label: Self-Released

Extremely obscure release from France, with a bit more melodic kick to the songwriting when compared with other french metal bands that are featured on the blog.  Regardless of this, this album is quite the surprise and the keyboards sure do help forge the overall atmosphere that Drakkard are known for.  Rest assured, this is one album that you do not want to overlook.

Highlights: “He Tom”, “Le Jouet”

Rating: 85%

Bruno Ferrero: Vocals
Patrick Graveron: Guitars
Dominique Garriot: Guitars
Patrice Guillaumat: Drums
Joel Drouin: Keyboards
Jean-Paul Goury: Bass