Band: Blind Vengeance
Release: Blind Vengeance (Full-Length)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Year: 1985
Label: Ricker

Extremely powerful heavy metal from Canada.  Harry Hess’ deep and aggressive singing accentuates the harsher melodies throughout all of the band’s songs.  Blind Vengenace truly do bring forth a very unique sound, as it very much reminds me of a heavier version of certain glam metal acts.  One thing I can definitely be sure of with this release is that Canada almost never disappoints in delivering some of the most amazing metal ever heard!  Cheers and hails!

Rating: 90%

Blind Vengeance Canada
Harry Hess: Vocals
Darryl Frattura: Guitars
Darren Smith: Drums
Bill Brough: Bass