Band: Asgard
Release: Dark Horizons (Full-Length)
Genre: Power/Speed Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1988
Label: Metal Enterprises 

Not the best metal album in the world as far as taking every track into account and grading it as a whole, but “Hero’s Tears”, “Rainbow Bridge” and “Soldier’s Waltz” are sure to keep you amazed at this once hopeful band.  Very impressive solo work to say the least, especially on “Hero’s Tears”…now THAT is exactly what heavy metal is supposed to be about; a blistering mesh of fast and gut-wrenching riffs, overlapped with melodic and intricate guitar leads.  Absolutely heavenly.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of their vocalist and I feel as though they could’ve easily taken that high-pitched power metal style for a change, but hey that’s just me.

Rating: 82%

Olaf Kietzel: Vocals
Jorg Gelhaar: Guitars
Andreas Puschel: Guitars
Martin Winter: Drums
Tomi Gottlich: Bass