Band: Chalice
Release: Take it Away (Single)
Genre: Melodic Metal
Country: United States
Year: 1981
Label: Chalice

Very rare and obscure release from the US.  A very NWOBHM-esque vibe is purely felt throughout the tracks.  Not much information is known about this extraordinarily talented band, other than the composers and what seems to be the record label.  If anyone can disclose any type of info, it would be greatly appreciated!  Now sit back and enjoy this wonderful single, especially the b-side track, “Shoot for the Stars”, which features a very eccentric and lead-oriented main riff that will leave you hooked for days on end.  Although the single track is all-in-all enjoyable, it seems to be lacking the magic of “Shoot for the Stars”.  Hail!

Rating: 85%

David Seacrest (R.I.P): Vocals
Michael Wilmot: Guitars
Rick Manning: Drums
Rick Robinson: Bass