Band: Black Knight
Release: Master of Disaster (EP/Released as full-length with bonus tracks 6-12)
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Canada
Year: 1985
Label: Self-Released in 1985/Re-released as a compilation in 2005 by Cult Metal Classics Records

Highlights: “Warlord’s Wrath”, “Aaraigathor”, “Master of Disaster”, “Day of the Wizard”, “Dead of Knight” and “Battlefield”

Rating: 95%

Black Knight Canada Heavy Metal
Lori “Scream Queen” Wilde (Not Pictured): Vocals
Chris Hopkinson (Pictured on the far-right): Vocals on “Master of Disaster II”, “Battlefield”, “Black Knight”
Mick DiAnno: Guitars
Gary Quaye: Guitars
Glen Richards: Drums
Ken Beckhold: Drums
Stu Diffie: Drums
Glen “The Hammer” Hoffman: Bass (Vocals on “Aaraigathor”)