Band: William J Tsamis (Warlord)
Release: Sea of Tranquility (Full-Length)
Genre: Keyboard Instrumental
Country: United States
Year: 1996
Label: Self-Released

Although not fitting in quite well with the concept of heavy metal, we all, some time or another, come across a completely different piece of art that is just as powerful, moving and mystical as the greatness of heavy metal.  Here we have Bill Tsamis, notable from one of the greatest bands to have ever lived, Warlord and from his side-project known as Lordian Guard.  For all of you who are quite familiar with the great Tsamis, he has a tendency to write music that can easily be defined as pure, melancholic and downright epic, the same feeling we get when witnessing or imagining a large battle full of blood and gore or Vikings sailing the raging seas.  Nevertheless, Tsamis takes his influence of medieval and enchanted style of music to a whole new level, giving us more of that moody, sorrowful, yet joyful and beautiful melodies any fan of heavy metal would appreciate.

Rating: 95%

William J Tsamis
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