Band: Stash
Release: Demo
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1987
Label: Self-Released

Oh man is this one of the most obscure demos I have ever listened to. ¬†Everything from the melodic tone of Bert Kivits’ voice, to the melancholic riffs and keyboards that perfectly set the mood, this is one demo you should never overlook. Jumping into this masterpiece, you will immediately notice Bert’s unique singing style, whereby the rawness of the demo production easily captures his vocal presence. It’s extremely difficult to pick just one song that stands out, and that definitely says a lot, especially coming from a band that has only released one demo since their inception (and a few other songs that have never been officially released). ¬†Stash have also recently reformed and are looking to release some material in the near future, so be on the look out!

Rating: 98%

Stash Netherlands Heavy Metal
Bert Kivits: Vocals
Roel Nottot: Guitar
Alfred Kers: Bass
Gosse Nieuwenhuis: Drums
Edwin Woltering: Keyboards