Band: Mindless Sinner
Release: Master of Evil (EP)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1983
Label: Fingerprint Records

I’ve been really getting into this masterpiece of an EP recently after some months of abandonment and I must make it clear that these guys put together all the ingredients for a perfect heavy metal record; Superb, compelling riffs perfectly overlapped by Christer’s bone-chilling vocals.  Every single track offers something new to discover, a new melody, a new experience and even after tiring this record out for a couple of years, it still leaves me forever mystified every time I give it a go.  From the incredibly infectious “Master of Evil” to the melodic powerhouse “Screaming For Mercy”, Mindless Sinner will surely be included in your music library for years to come!

Rating: 95%

Christer Goransson: Vocals
Magnus Dannebald: Guitars
Jerker Edman: Guitars
Anders Karlman: Bass
Tommy Johnsson: Drums