Band: Heathen’s Rage 
Release: Heathen’s Rage (EP)
Genre: Power/Speed Metal
Country: United States
Year: 1986
Label: Rock Dream

Heathen’s Rage were indeed a very promising band for the time being, fusing many key elements of the metal sound into one; slow, fast, mid-tempo, harmonies, scorching vocals and that thrash-like vibe, all essential to produce such a quality release, regardless of its overall rawness.  “Knights of Steel” clearly shows off the band’s true nature and is arguably the most powerful song off this incredible EP.  This is where vocalist Bob Pizzauro showcases his very impressive style of singing, somewhat reminiscent to Dan Beehler from Exciter with that raspy yet melodic effort in the singing.  “City of Hell” and “Dark Storm” are very fast and thrash-like songs, simply put, and they inevitably put you in that metal thrashing mad mood.  Lightning speed solos and riffing, overlapped by the pounding steel of the drum.  Just beautiful.  Be sure to give this one a go, classic speed metal at its finest!

Rating: 88%

Bob Pizzauro: Vocals
Tony Lee: Guitars
Rob Warner: Guitars
Chris Teresyn: Drums
Mike LePond: Bass