Band: Zadkiel
Release: Hell’s Bomber (EP)
Genre: Black/Speed Metal
Country: Japan
Year: 1986
Label: Hold Up


Have you ever wondered what would happen if black metal and speed metal legends Venom and Motorhead ever mated?  Well, simply put, they surely would’ve given birth to this monstrosity (in a good way), also known as Zadkiel, hailing from the faraway nation of Japan.  Simply put, Zadkiel play a style very similar to Sabbat, one of the most important bands to ever come out of Japan.  From what you can possibly guess, Zadkiel‘s music is inevitably dark and can get quite atmospheric at times, which is espeically accentuated through the rawness of the production.  Then again, there are moments where melodies seem to be sprawling out of nowhere, as heard throughout the title track “Hell’s Bomber” for example, which also happens to be the reason why it is the most memorable track off of this EP.  Fast, dirty and hauntingly compelling guitar work are all elements that make this band very intriguing, even though I cannot understand a damn word that’s being sung, or should I say, vomited (always in a good way).  It might take a couple of listens to get used to the sound, but you will not be disappointed in the end, I assure you that.  Get ready for some fist-pounding, skull-bashing and downright thrashing stuff from Zadkiel!  I am not responsible for any furniture being damaged if that’s the case!

Rating: 85%

Zadkiel Black Metal Japan
Joe Yoriki: Guitars/Vocals
Yuichi Kinoshita: Drums
Koh Morota: Bass