Band: Ostrogoth
Release: Full Moon’s Eyes (EP)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Belgium
Year: 1983
Label: Mausoleum Records


Being one of the very few prominent bands to ever come out of Belgium, along with Acid, Ostrogoth have proved themselves time and time again, even to this day, just how much potential they surely have in and it is a true shame that they are criminally underrated.  Their first release, entitled “Full Moon’s Eyes” is nothing more than an all-out steel pounding extravaganza, which has inevitably cemented their cult status.  Now, thanks to the Internet and many bloggers out there, their popularity seemed to have grown drastically considering they recently reformed to play in the most prestigious festival of them all, Keep it True.

With regards to this EP, all it took was a few seconds of that beautiful intro featured in the title track to get me instantly hooked to this band.  It’s one of those tracks that acts like a gateway to the days of true heavy metal, the days of the 80s, in which I, sadly, was not part of.  “Heroes’ Museum” continues in the same vein as the title track; catchy fist pounding riffs and vocals that might not be the best you’ve ever heard, but it surely fits the music fairly well.  A few note drops here and there, not too big of a deal.  “Paris By Night” is a mid-tempo song with a few hooks that keep it interesting, but the main riff made the song a bit dull at times.  “Rock Fever” contains riffs, especially in the intro, that have a NWOBHM feel to them, which are very much enjoyable, as is the whole experience of this track.  Show your support!

Rating: 92%

Ostrogoth Band Heavy Metal 1983
Marc De Brauwer: Vocals
Hans Van De Kerckhove: Guitars
Rufy Vercruysse: Guitars
Marnix Van De Kauter: Bass
Mario Pauwles: Drums