Band: Warrior
Release: Let Battle Commence (Full-Length)
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1980
Label: Rainbow Sound

Well here’s a rather unknown band hailing from the glorious nation of the UK, who have proved with this album how important classic rock bands from the early 70s had an impact on talented musicians during the NWOBHM scene.  Warrior, as the typical name would state, are ready to attack your ears with an interesting blend of the NWOBHM sound with a touch of 70s rock, even blues, in it, which I so happen to enjoy very much.  Very reminiscent vibes of the 70s are apparent while listening, all while keeping the roots of the songs completely metal.  The result is inevitably magical, where a lot of the songs are unique in their own way as they explore many different styles throughout this release.  Highlights would have to be “Night-Time Girl” and “Ulster, Bloody Ulster”, merely because of the guitar work.  This record might not be for every one, metalheads especially, but give it a go, a little magic is bound to come your way.

Rating: 85%

Barry Bingham: Drums
Dave Hewitt: Vocals
Steve Allsopp: Guitars
Mick Bannister: Guitars
Kev Barsby: Bass