Band: Satanic Rites
Release: Which Way the Wind Blows (Full-Length)
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1985
Label: Self-Releaseddiv>

Women and heavy metal have a long and proud history together and there’s no excuse to dislike certain bands because of the so-called “unmasculine-like” nature of their sounds.  Yes, heavy metal might be the sort of music you would tend to associate with men, but there is still a strong fanbase led by women, who are just as dedicated to the steel than anyone else.  That being said, with the likes of Doro, Leather, Acid and even Girlschool, female-fronted bands have always been very much supported and often praised.

Satanic Rites, although not as well-known as the others, are no exception.  Their first full-length release proves just how powerful and dynamic female-fronted metal really is, and it has the ability to shift the regular atmosphere of that typical heavy metal sound.  Satanic Rites are indeed a very melodic band, providing us with a different take on that NWOBHM sound we are so fond of.  Yes, keyboards are very much present, but hell, I love the whole vibe it emits, especially when it overlaps the crunching guitars and Deborah Webster’s amazing vocal work.  Classics are indeed present on this album and are quite evident. “Burn in Hell” and “Don’t Tell Lies” are very well written songs and it is safe to say that the vocals do really make these tracks what they are, true magic and very uplifting to the spirit.  But, then again, “Slam the Door” has such fantastic guitar work, especially in the intro.  And I must not forget the title track, it is simply beautiful in many ways and sets the mood incredibly well. Along with Acid, Satanic Rites are my all-time most cherished female-fronted bands of the 80s and after hearing this true gem, it is hard to deny that.

Highlights: “Burn in Hell”, “Slam the Door” “Don’t Tell Lies” and “Which Way the Wind Blows”

Rating: 92%

Satanic Rites Heavy Metal
Deborah Webster (Not Pictured): Vocals
David Ingham: Bass
Stuart Page: Guitars
Dave Kershaw: Drums
Kevin Doyle: Keyboards