Band: Acis
Release: Lawbreaker/A Wanted Man (Single)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1987
Label: Active Records
From what I can see right now, I absolutely love Swedish Heavy Metal singles and it seems that most obscure bands never made it to even releasing an EP or a full-length for that matter.  This single by Acis truly screams out “metal hymn”, especially for its A-side, entitled “Lawbreaker”.  This killer track features some amazing vocal works, where you feel almost compelled to chant along with the overly catchy chorus, and that “raise your fist” riff styles.  Hands down, “Lawbreaker” is one of my most adhered songs in all of Swedish Heavy Metal.  With regards to the B-side, although less enjoyed than the A-track, it’s still a reasonably good effort, as it has that ballad feel to it, which isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.  Nonetheless, “Lawbreaker” makes this single worth while and, for sure, it is what fans of this band came here for.
Rating: 85%

Acis Heavy Metal Sweden
Johan Andersson: Vocals
Peter Ledin: Guitars
Peder Berglund: Guitars
Jens Berglund: Drums
Marco Malasagna: Bass