Band: Ironhawk
Release: To the Point (EP)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Chrome

Ironhawk were just one of those bands that released top quality music, but then sadly, faded quickly into obscurity, forever being lost in the depths of the heavy metal record world.  After listening to their first and only EP, which contains four blistering tracks, I can’t help but realize how unfortunate the music industry really is, as these men clearly showed large amounts of talent and potential.  But, then again, just like I’ve always said, this just makes the whole listening experience far more enjoyable, as we can clearly tell that these forgotten and obscure bands never performed and written songs solely for the pursuit of wealth.  Ironhawk, in only four songs, have proved themselves worthy, mainly with the song “More of the Same” which is a very catchy and melodic song, that features a very uplifting and powerful guitar solo that will sure indeed mesmerise you.  Hands down the greatest track on the EP and an easy contender in my favourite songs of all time.  Just something about that last harmonizing solo at the end that just makes it all worth while…  Give it a listen, and you will not be disappointed, I assure you.

Rating: 90%

Ironhawk Heavy Metal USA
Scott Tyrcha: Vocals
Dave Schulze: Guitars
Kelly Saiger: Drums
John Ford: Bass