Band: Glacier
Release: Glacier (EP)
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: United States
Year: 1985
Label: Axe Killer Records


There comes a time when a metalhead discovers the magic of the USPM (US Power Metal) movement that engrossed the minds of many throughout the mid to late 80s. Crunching and overdriven guitar riffs, harmoniously blistering guitar solos, and scorching screams are all aspects that make this very forgotten genre so wonderfully unique (at least in its most primitive stage).  And no were not talking about the same power metal of the 21st century; modern production and keyboards have been minimized to our liking!

Within this very scene emerged a young and fierce band from Portland, Oregon known as Glacier, where they would eventually become one of the most impressive metal acts of the 80s to many dedicated fans.  There is no doubt in my mind that Glacier could’ve easily made it big if proper management of the band’s music (and a little bit of luck) was carried out, but then again, their cult status makes this incredible EP even more precious than it already is. Five face-melting songs, all unique in their own way, that truly capture the essence of heavy metal in all its glory. I would even go out of my way to say that this album is a downright masterpiece, and is an essential piece in the whole genre of early power metal.  You cannot simply construct a timeline of power metal without mentioning the mighty Glacier.

A favorite track of mine easily goes to “Speak No Evil”.  Whether it be the way the main riff fades in or the perfectly mended chorus, the anthemic “Speak No Evil” has always delivered, even after all these years of banging my head to it.  To any living metalhead reading this, it is your duty to give this album a listen and to show your support in any way you possibly can. Even after almost 30 years, the spirit of Glacier is very much still intact, as their music is constantly attracting the members from the metal community.  If only we can get a proper re-release of this gem…only time will tell.

Rating: 95%

All tracks: Loren Bates (Drums) Patrick Goebel (Guitars), Timm Proctor (Bass), Sam Easley (Guitars)
Keith Flax (“When Heaven’s At Hand”)
Rex McNew (“Vendetta”)
Mike Podrybau (“Ready For Battle”, “Devil in Disguise”, “Speak No Evil”)