Band: Delusions of Grandeur
Release: Picture Perfect Martyr (EP)
Genre: New Wave
Country: United States
Year: 1989
Label: Acid Ceiling
*Courtesy of Willfully Obscure*

Time for something different for a change.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the whole new wave scene, whereby everything from post-punk to jangle pop seems to fill the void that heavy metal often creates (for me at least).  I’ve been obsessing over this kind of music for the last year now, hence the lack of newly-uploaded albums.  It becomes incredibly tiresome to upload material you’re just not that into at the moment, which also explains the recent lack of reviews.

Since I created this website to strictly cater to heavy metal as a whole, I’ve been quite reluctant to upload anything different.  I know heavy metal is not the only music genre out there, and I’m sure there are tons of metalheads out there who simply get fed up with the music from time to time, and thus decide to explore other options.  There are also those who enthusiastically listen to a wide range of genres.  There are also those who simply cannot listen to anything but metal.  I commend whatever works you, but I just happen to be someone who embraces change. While I still love everything metal, and make it a point to give all of the old and up-and-coming bands a listen, I wish to add a bit more variety to Heavy Metal Gems.  Life is all about balance anyway.

So I guess showing you guys this virtually unknown band is a good place to start.

Rating: 95%

Thom Healey: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
T. Michael Way: Guitars
Christian Way: Drums
Craig O’Keefe: Bass, Piano