Band: Colour Scream
Release: Living and Dying (EP)
Genre: New Wave/Post-Punk
Country: United States
Year: 1988
Label: Whet Reign Records
Colour Scream were a tiny band from California who, for the most part of this EP, had a fascination with meshing the gloomy and abrasive sound of post-punk with the spirit and “danceability” of synthpop.  For some odd reason, the vocals sound almost entirely similar to Jason Decay’s vocal delivery (of Cauldron fame). Interestingly enough, the members of Cauldron are no strangers to dipping their feet in the world of new wave, as they covered Gowan‘s “Moonlight Desires” not too long ago.  Be sure to give “Will My Fear”, “Across the Sky”, and “Dance No More” a spin!

Rating: 88%

Lineup is unknown