No Quarter (UK) – Survivors (1983)

Band: No Quarter Release: Survivors (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1983 Label: Reel Records Note One of the closest examples of a NWOBHM frontman sounding exactly like Biff Byford of heavy metal heroes Saxon.  No Quarter were nothing short of solid, whereby powerfully energetic riffs became the band’s staple sound in their home country of Wales.  “Survivors”, to this day, still stands out as No Quarter‘s most memorable hit. Tracklist SurvivorsTime And SpaceRacing For Home Rating: 85% Lineup Snappi Lyes: Vocals Dave Young: Guitars Rob Palmer: Bass Steve Chard:...

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Dark Forest (UK) – The Awakening (2014)

Band: Dark Forest (UK) Release: The Awakening (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Power Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 2014 Label: Cruz del Sur Music  Buy from: No Remorse (includes bonus track) | Bandcamp Facebook Review I discovered  Dark Forest through their current singer’s (Josh Winnard) previous band Wytch Hazel.  In it, he was the band’s lead guitarist, and, along with fellow singer/guitarist Colin Hendra, played a unique mesh of heavy metal and medieval music.  When I first heard that Winnard quit Wytch Hazel in order to focus on Dark Forest, I knew right away that I had to give them a listen.  Interestingly...

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Millennium (UK) – Millennium + All Demos (1984-1987)

Band: Millennium (UK) Release: Millennium (Full-Length), 1985-1987 Demos Genre: NWOBHM/Power Metal/Speed Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1984 -1987 Label: Guardian Records n’ Tapes Buy from: No Remorse (Includes 8 bonus tracks) Review What a monster of an album this one is!  Had Millennium properly caught the NWOBHM wave early on, they would’ve most likely gotten picked up by numerous record companies.  This, along with the dissolution of their record label at the time, Guardian Records n’ Tapes, prevented Millennium from moving forward.  Nevertheless, what we have here is one of the finest examples of the NWOBHM classic sound being intricately...

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Satanic Rites – Live to Ride/Hit and Run (1981)

Band: Satanic Rites Release: Live to Ride/Hit and Run (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Heavy Metal Records Buy from: eBay Note The very first single by UK legends Satanic Rites, recorded and released before they acquired Deborah Webster as lead vocalist.  The b-side “Hit and Run” is the sure winner here, as it features one hell of a tasty riff and a chorus that absolutely compels you to chant along, making it one of the most memorable anthems of the NWOBHM era. Tracklist Live To RideHit and Run Rating: 90% Lineup Daz Bingham: Vocals Stuart...

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Spartan Warrior – Spartan Warrior (1984)

Band: Spartan Warrior Release: Spartan Warrior (Full-Length) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1984 Label: Roadrunner Records Buy from: eBay Note The follow-up to Spartan Warrior‘s 1983 classic “Steel n’ Chains”, which propelled the band into being signed by the legendary Roadrunner Records before disbanding in 1985.   Killer and straightforward traditional heavy metal to be heard all around on this one! Tracklist AssassinBlack WidowI'm on HeatSon of a BitchSentenced to DieHanging OnMercenaryFrench GirlsBroken Promises Rating: 83% Lineup Dave Wilkinson: Vocals Neil Wilkinson: Guitars Paul Swaddle: Guitars Tom Spencer: Bass Gordon Webster:...

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