Excalibur (UK) – The Bitter End (1985)

Band: Excalibur Release: The Bitter End (EP) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985 Label: Conquest Buy from: eBay Review If you ever thought the magic of the NWOBHM was over in the mid 80s due to the increased popularity of the thrash and speed metal scenes around the world, UK legends Excalibur sure have the power to change that thought.  1985 seemed like a year where most NWOBHM bands either made it big (Iron Maiden, Saxon), changed their musical style (Def Leppard), or ceased to exist, as seen by the likes of Virtue, Weapon and Diamond Head to name...

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Atomkraft – Future Warriors (1985)

Band: Atomkraft Release: Future Warriors Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985 Label: Neat Records Buy from: eBay Review I’m sure you all remember a small band that completely revolutionized the term “heavy metal”, and served as a main influence for many bands to come.  That’s right, black/speed metal legends Venom is exactly who I’m talking about; watching old videos of some of their shows always convince me that Cronos is a complete and total maniac (in a good way of course).  And why do I bring up Venom you may ask?  For all you Venom fanatics that stayed true...

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