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The Covenant – Stations (1986)

Band: The Covenant Release: Stations (Single) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock Country: United Kingdom Year: 1986 Label: Covenant Records Website Note Now here is an example of how vital the keyboards really are in fostering the basis of a band’s overall sound.  The Covenant‘s “Stations” is nothing short of melodic heaven, whereby continuous shifts in keyboard and guitar riffs keep the music fresh and exciting through every play-through.  Been cranking this one for the last 5 years or so and I still can’t get enough. Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating: 88% Lineup Stephen Thomas Hall: Vocals, Keyboards Steven Perkins: Guitars Paul Turrell: Drums Michael...

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Various Artists – Roksnax (1980)

Band: Saracen/Hollow Ground/Samurai Release: Roksnax (Compilation) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1980 Label: Guardian Records N’ Tapes Buy from: Discogs Note The first of two compilations released by the legendary Guardian Records N’ Tapes, who were responsible for releasing NWOBHM classics such as Satan‘s “Kiss of Death” single and Mythra‘s “Death and Destiny” EP. Please take note that the Saracen featured on this compilation should not be mistaken with the lads from Derbyshire who released the mighty “Heroes, Saints and Fools” LP back in October of 1981. Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating:...

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Flashpoint – No Point of Reference (1987)

Band: Flashpoint (post-Bitches Sin) Release: No Point of Reference (Full-Length) Genre: NWOBHM/Speed Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1987 Label: Self-Released Buy from: Discogs Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating: 80% Lineup Kev Graham: Vocals, Bass Ian Toomey: Guitars Pete Toomey: Guitars Steve Turton: Drums, Keyboards on “No More Love, No More Lies” Dave Rosingana: Keyboards on “Is It True” and “Grand...

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