Thrash Metal

Xandril (Ger) – Demo Collection (1985-1988)

Band: Xandril Release: Rehearsal ’85, Rotting Paradise, The Vision, Perfect Darkness (Demos) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: 1985-1988 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Terminal Breath (Rehearsal '85)Guide the Wind (Rehearsal '85)Little Lady (Rehearsal '85)Lost in Paradise (Rehearsal '85)I Believe (Rehearsal '85)I.F.B. (Rehearsal '85)Terminal Breath (Rotting Paradise)Lost in Paradise (Rotting Paradise)Little Lady (Rotting Paradise)I Believe (Rotting Paradise)Guide the Wind (Rotting Paradise)Avalon (Rotting Paradise)Labyrinth (The Vision)The Bleak (The Vision)Holocaust (The Vision)Perfect Darkness (Perfect Darkness)No Hope (Perfect Darkness)Nearly Dead (Perfect Darkness) Rating: 92% Lineup Bettina Paschen: Vocals Jörg Schrör: Guitars Stephan Philipp: Guitars Marlon Erdmann: Drums André Philip:...

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Titan (Ger) – Metalfever (1983-1989)

Band: Titan Release: Metalfever (Compilation) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: Recorded from 1983-1989, Released in 2007 Label: German Democratic Recordings Tracklist IntroWas Ganz AnderesNie Mehr AlleinHey BonWir Wollen LebenKleider Machen LeuteSpießerMetalfeverDer MetalfanSchwerer Als Heavy MetalUnklarHistory of TerrorHoly WarThe Last NationBurning GroundCrusaders of DeathWith the Devil Rating: 88% Lineup Kai-Uwe Schneider: Vocals, Guitars Dirk David: Guitars Matthias Eschrich: Guitars Rico Kaps: Bass Thomas Lorenz: Drums Sylvio Zornsch:...

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BAT – Primitive Age (2013)

Band: BAT Release: Primitive Age (Demo) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: United States Year: 2013 Label: Tankcrimes Records Ryan Waste’s Heavy Metal Web Series: Living Fast Facebook Buy the Album (MP3) | Buy the Album (Cassette) | Band Merch Review Risen from the undying influence of the early 80s speed/black/thrash wave, the primitive metal powerhouse that is BAT is here deliver nothing more than a downright neck-breaking experience with the release of their very first demo “Primitive Age”.  The origins of BAT began in 2013 through the formation of three already-established musicians within the heavy metal scene: bassist/vocalist Ryan Waste and guitarist Nick Poulos are most notably...

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Ranger – Shock Skull (2014)

Band: Ranger Release: Shock Skull (Single) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Finland Year: 2014 Label: Ektro Records Facebook Buy the Album (Digital) Review Finnish speed metal masters Ranger are back again with their newly released single entitled “Shock Skull”, released by the good fellows over at Ektro Records.  If you don’t know much about Ranger going in to the single, it is absolutely necessary to check out their very first EP “Knights of Darkness”, which inevitably propelled these talented dudes into heavy metal stardom within the European scene. The all-out aggressiveness of Ranger‘s style of playing is exactly what they...

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Warning (Swe) – Armageddon (1987)

Band: Warning Release: Armageddon (Single) Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1987 Label: Active Records Buy from: eBay Note Haling from the land of northern, Sweden, Warning was a fairly short-lived band that only managed to release one single in the two years they’ve been together.  With thrash and NWOBHM influences deeply rooted in the band’s repertoire, “Armageddon” delivers a more dark-sounding record than most 80s Swedish bands I’m used to.  Think Gotham City, only a lot heavier! Tracklist Sword & SorceryArmageddon Rating: 90% Lineup Eric Wikström: Vocals Joachim Lindbäck: Guitars Krister Lindman: Guitars Stefan Åberg: Bass Johan Henriksson:...

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