Hades (Esp) – Entre El Fuego Y La Cruz (1985)

Band: Hades Release: Entre El Fuego Y La Cruz (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Spain Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Note Very obscure release from the land of the conquistadores! I believe I obtained this release awhile back from a fellow metal blogger named Metaloren and I thank him for his generous contribution. Nevertheless, don’t let the spanish singing impede you from experiencing this wonderful EP.  Make sure to check out that first track…you will not be disappointed I assure you! Tracklist Entre el Fuego y la CruzFantasia Para el DuendeHadesLa Magia del RockLa ReinaEl Camino de los Dioses Rating: 85% As far as I’m aware, no official lineup is known.  Some info on this band would be greatly...

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Exodo – The New Babylon (1988)

Band: Exodo Release: The New Babylon (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Spain Year: 1988 Label: Discos Suicidas Buy from: eBay | No Remorse Tracklist  Groups of DefenseThe New BabylonSexBorn to Be WildJust One DayThunders in the CitySons of the NightHeart in Flames Rating: 88% Lineup Inaki Urkizu: Vocals Quique Villegas: Guitars Jose Luis Arbide: Guitars Koldo Pizarro: Drums Seni Lopez:...

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