Sortilège – Larmes de Héros (1986)

Band: Sortilège Release: Larmes de Héros (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1986 Label: Rocks Buy from: eBay Note My all-time favorite french record; this is as good as it will ever get!  It is almost insane to even begin to think how Sortilege was capable of producing such memorable tracks like the melodic chorus-oriented “Mourir Pour Une Princesse” or the epic ballad “Quand un Aveugle Rêve”. Give these tracks a listen and you will evidently see why Zouille is so praised in the underground community, and why he is one of my all-time favorite metal singers. The band sadly...

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Sortilège – Demo (1982)

Band: Sortilège Release: Demo ’82 Genre: Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1982 Label: Self-Released Tracklist SortilègeCivilisation PerdueMétamorphoseDélire d'Un Fou Rating: 90% Lineup Christian “Zouille” Augustin: Vocals Stéphane Dumont: Guitars Didier Demajean: Guitars Daniel Lapp: Bass Bob Snake:...

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Sortilège – Métamorphose (1984)

Band: Sortilège Release: Metamorphose (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1984 Label: Devil’s Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist (French Version) D'ailleursMajestéHymne à la MortLégendeNuit des LimbesCivilisation PerdueDélire d'un FouCyclope de l'EtangMétamorphose Tracklist (English Version) AlienMajestyDeath HymnLegendNuit des LimbesLost CivilizationDelirium Of A MadmanCyclopes Of The LakeMetamorphosis Rating (French) : 95% Rating (English) : 88% Lineup Christian Augustin: Vocals Didier Demajean: Guitars Stephane Dumont: Guitars Bob Snake: Drums Daniel Lapp:...

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Sortilège – Sortilège (1983)

Band: Sortilège Release: Sortilège (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1983 Label: Rave-On Records Buy from: eBay | T-Shirt Review Let’s take a trip to France and see what their glorious metal scene had to offer.  I’m sure all or most of you die-hard metal fans out there already know Sortilège, or maybe just might’ve heard of them, but needless to say, they are indeed the greatest French band that has ever existed.  Period.  Plain and simple. And with their first EP, it is very apparent that these guys surely had the raw talent to take over the world.  This is exactly...

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