Reflex (Swe) – Reflex (1983)

Band: Reflex Release: Reflex (Single) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1983 Label: Self-Released Note Swedish-sung melodic heavy metal by Reflex‘s only known released single.  For those who aren’t used to non-English vocals, it might be a tad difficult to really get into these guys, but man does it add the to the already established mysticism of the underground 80s Swedish scene. Tracklist Dina Nya KläderDiod Rating: 85% Lineup Erik Lundberg: Vocals Rolf “Trazan” Nordström: Guitars Mårten Eriksson: Guitars Per Öhman: Drums Erik:...

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Highland Queen – Call of the Hell (1983)

Band: Highland Queen Release: Call of the Hell Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1983 Label: Divox Note First release by short-lived French metallers Highland Queen.  Ditch the b-side and head straight for the title track, as it features a tasty array of lead-oriented guitar riffs and over-the-top vocals; just the right combination to get that blood pumping before (or during) a night of heavy drinking. Tracklist Call of the HellOpen Your Eyes Rating: 80% Lineup Patrick Zamparini: Vocals Bernard Deleruelle: Guitars Christian Longavesne: Guitars Pascal Dolinard: Drums Claude Brame:...

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Nightreaper – Heroes Die Young (1988)

Band: Nightreaper Release: Heroes Die Young (Single) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1988 Label: Self-Released Note One of the more obscure French metal releases I’ve ever come across.  This single was Nightreaper‘s first release, which preceded two other demos in 1992 and 1993.  Sure enough, after giving “Heroes Die Young” a listen, it’s highest points occur through the melody of the guitar solos, and is exactly what makes me come back for more. Tracklist Heroes Die YoungShadows of the Past Rating: 83% Lineup Stéphane Graziani: Vocals, Bass Frédéric Giraud: Guitars Thierry Soulivet: Guitars Arnaud Mortreuil:...

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Black Onyx – Armageddon Skies (1987)

Band: Black Onyx Release: Armageddon Skies (Single) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1987 Label: Bosa Records Buy from: eBay Note The sole official release by short-lived Detroit metallers Black Onyx.  For a single released in 1987, the songwriting and recording production emit a certain NWOBHM vibe, pure and straightforward, and makes for a rather easy listen. Tracklist Armageddon SkiesMiss Fire Rating: 85% Lineup Gerry Litwin: Vocals, Guitars Donny Allen: Guitars Jeff Giovannangeli: Drums Ron Q. T. Owens:...

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