The Covenant – Stations (1986)

Band: The Covenant Release: Stations (Single) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock Country: United Kingdom Year: 1986 Label: Covenant Records Website Note Now here is an example of how vital the keyboards really are in fostering the basis of a band’s overall sound.  The Covenant‘s “Stations” is nothing short of melodic heaven, whereby continuous shifts in keyboard and guitar riffs keep the music fresh and exciting through every play-through.  Been cranking this one for the last 5 years or so and I still can’t get enough. Tracklist StationsLook At Us Now Rating: 88% Lineup Stephen Thomas Hall: Vocals, Keyboards Steven Perkins: Guitars Paul Turrell: Drums Michael...

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Dave Feinstein – Midnight Lady/Ship on a Stormy Sea (1978)

Band: Dave Feinstein (pre-The Rods) Release: Midnight Lady/Ship on a Stormy Sea (Single) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Country: United States Year: 1978 Label: DMR Note This single features two prominent heavy metal figures at the very beginning of their careers.  Vocalist/guitarist Dave Feinstein would later go on to form the eclectic The Rods, whose hard-hitting melodic anthems continue to influence thousands of heavy metal artists today.  As for bassist Joey DeMaio…well I guess his following creation turned out alright I guess. Tracklist Midnight LadyShip on a Stormy Sea Rating: 85% Lineup David “Rock” Feinstein: Vocals, Guitars Joey DeMaio: Bass, Keyboards Carl...

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After Dark (UK) – Evil Woman (1981)

Band: After Dark (UK) Release: Evil Woman (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: After Dark Note Is there anything better than that pre-chorus hook on “Evil Woman”?  I can’t help but break out the air guitar whenever that track takes over; definitely up there as one of my favourite moments in NWOBHM history.  This next beer goes out to the After Dark lads! Tracklist Evil WomanJohnnyLucy Rating: 82% Lineup Steve Annetts: Vocals Mick Hare: Guitars J.C.: Guitars John Metcalfe: Drums Andy Harris: Keyboards Ian King:...

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No Quarter (UK) – Survivors (1983)

Band: No Quarter Release: Survivors (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1983 Label: Reel Records Note One of the closest examples of a NWOBHM frontman sounding exactly like Biff Byford of heavy metal heroes Saxon.  No Quarter were nothing short of solid, whereby powerfully energetic riffs became the band’s staple sound in their home country of Wales.  “Survivors”, to this day, still stands out as No Quarter‘s most memorable hit. Tracklist SurvivorsTime And SpaceRacing For Home Rating: 85% Lineup Snappi Lyes: Vocals Dave Young: Guitars Rob Palmer: Bass Steve Chard:...

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