Mагнит (Magnet) – День гнева (Dies Irae) (1989)

Band: Магнит (Magnet) Release: День гнева (Dies Irae) (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy/Power Metal Country: Russia Year: 1989 Label: Мелодия (Melodia) Tracklist Работай! (Work!)Мы живём, под собою не чуя страны (We Exist Without Feeling Our Land Underneath)Интродукция и ария на тему Б. Марчелло (Introduction And Aria After B. Marcello)Элеонора (Eleonora)Меморандум (Memorandum)Ностальгия (Nostalgia)Храни огонь (Keep The Fire) Rating: 88% Lineup Sergei Lugansky: Vocals (Tracks 1, 4, 7) Karen Melik: Vocals (Tracks 2, 5, 6), Keyboards Vyacheslav Rukhlov: Guitars Alexander Larionov: Guitars Sergei Makarov: Guitars (Track 3) Aleksei Saveliev: Keyboards German Smirnov: Bass Vladimir Gladkovich:...

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Scald (Rus) – Will of Gods is a Great Power (1996)

Band: Scald Release: Will of Gods is a Great Power (Full-Length) Genre: Epic Doom/Viking Metal Country: Russia Year: 1996 Label: MetalAgen Note One of my favorite Russian releases to date.  Scald‘s “Will of Gods is a Great Power” is THE go-to album for anyone craving a more atmospheric approach to Bathory‘s seminal “Viking-era” sound.  Sadly, Agyl’s bone-chilling vocals were laid to rest when he suddenly passed away in 1997, inevitably leading to Scald‘s sudden disbandment.  I have yet to find a better band than Scald that can harmoniously and almost effortlessly blend elements of both Bathory and Dark Quarterer in...

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Aria – Megalomania (1985)

Band: Aria Release: Megalomania (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Russia Year: 1985 Label: Moroz Records Buy from: eBay Review Pioneering Russian metal band Aria with their very first record entitled “Megalomania”.  What I love the most about this band is that they completely disgregarded the need to sing in English in order to gain exposure, as all of the vocals done by Valeriy Kipelov are in Russian.  This adds to the obscurity of the whole songwriting process (if you’re not Russian yourself) and delivers something we have never been exposed to.  Their most famous track on this record, “Torero”, is an absolute...

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