Seven Sisters (UK) – No Guts, No Glory (2014)

Band: Seven Sisters Release: No Guts, No Glory (Demo) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 2014 Label: Self-Released Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp Review A new band has been forged from the undying influence of the NWOBHM movement!  With the very recent release of their first official track “No Guts, No Glory”, UK metallers Seven Sisters have surely graced the heavy metal world, and fans alike have without a doubt welcomed them with open arms. What immediately struck me about Seven Sisters is their vocalist, Josh Winnard, who, is better known for his work with other notable acts within the underground heavy...

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Ranger – Shock Skull (2014)

Band: Ranger Release: Shock Skull (Single) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Finland Year: 2014 Label: Ektro Records Facebook Buy the Album (Digital) Review Finnish speed metal masters Ranger are back again with their newly released single entitled “Shock Skull”, released by the good fellows over at Ektro Records.  If you don’t know much about Ranger going in to the single, it is absolutely necessary to check out their very first EP “Knights of Darkness”, which inevitably propelled these talented dudes into heavy metal stardom within the European scene. The all-out aggressiveness of Ranger‘s style of playing is exactly what they...

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Spell (Can) – The Full Moon Sessions (2014)

Band: Spell Release: The Full Moon Sessions (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Label: Hard and Heavy Records Buy the Album Facebook Review The Canadian heavy metal assault is still very much alive and well, and even more so with the addition of Vancouver’s own Spell and their very first full-length album entitled “The Full Moon Sessions”.  The band has actually been around for a bit of time, having formed in 2007, where they were known as Stryker up until their recent name change to Spell in 2013.  With their very first full-length album released on the great Hard and Heavy Records label, Spell have finally...

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Starblind – Darkest Horrors (2014)

Band: Starblind Release: Darkest Horrors (Full-Length) Release Date: May 2014 Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 2014 Label: Stormspell Records Band Website | Facebook | Bandcamp Review I first heard about Starblind through their lead singer, Mike Steel, and was immediately hooked to this band since that day.  At the time, only three songs were being streamed through the band’s bandcamp, and, as you may have read from my Starblind preview post, I was completely blown away by the sheer talent that these dudes bring to the table.  Just through those teaser tracks was I able to convince myself that “Darkest Horrors”...

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Manacle – Rehearsal Tape (2013)

Band: Manacle Release: Rehearsal Tape (Demo) *Self-Made Album Cover* Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 2013 Label: Self-Released Facebook Review Well, Canada, you just know how to do heavy metal right, don’t you?  Hailing from Toronto, the same city that brought us Skull Fist, Midnight Malice and Axxion among others, the newly formed MANACLE is the conglomeration of three dudes driven by the sheer force of raw and classic heavy metal.  And I must emphasize the term “raw” here… you’ll be blown away by the utter brutality of the production quality; regardless if this was deliberate or a result...

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