Accept – Blind Rage (2014)

Band: Accept Release: Blind Rage (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Germany Year: 2014 Label: Nuclear Blast Review “‘Blind Rage’ reminds us why heavy metal is the greatest music in the world” With an uproarious musical legacy spanning over 35 years, it is impossible to speak about the history of heavy metal without mentioning the one and only Accept; one of the genre’s most respected and consistent bands.  From “Restless and Wild” to “Balls to the Wall” to “Objection Overruled”, Accept‘s most successful albums were all beautifully engrossed by the same elements that make up their unique playing style.  Take...

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Top 20 Full-Length Metal Albums of 2014

 2014 proved to be one of heavy metal’s most exciting years in decades.  Up and coming bands are flourishing in both quality and in numbers, and refreshing material is almost constantly being released.  For this segment, let us take a trip down memory lane and re-visit some of the year’s most memorable releases with Heavy Metal Gems’ Top 20 Full-Length Albums of 2014! 20. STRIKER (CAN) – “City of Gold” In just 4 short years, since the release of their debut record “Eyes in the Night” in 2010, Striker have one one of the biggest names within the NWOTHM movement.  From...

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Dark Forest (UK) – The Awakening (2014)

Band: Dark Forest (UK) Release: The Awakening (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Power Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 2014 Label: Cruz del Sur Music  Buy from: No Remorse (includes bonus track) | Bandcamp Facebook Review I discovered  Dark Forest through their current singer’s (Josh Winnard) previous band Wytch Hazel.  In it, he was the band’s lead guitarist, and, along with fellow singer/guitarist Colin Hendra, played a unique mesh of heavy metal and medieval music.  When I first heard that Winnard quit Wytch Hazel in order to focus on Dark Forest, I knew right away that I had to give them a listen.  Interestingly...

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Ahvawe – Drink Till You … (2014)

Band: Ahvawe Release: Drink Till You Fucking Puke Your Liver Out (Demo) Genre: Black/Speed Metal Country: Mexico Year: 2014 Label: Self-Released Download (Bandcamp) Facebook Review Fueled by the likes of Bulldozer, Hellhammer and Venom comes Ahvawe, Mexico’s answer to early 80s black/speed metal.  Raw and gritty are two words that surely define Ahvawe‘s music; mindless thrashing fun is exactly what these dudes live for, and they show it off pretty damn well on their debut demo.  All metalheads sometimes feel the need to take a break from the vast technical caliber that so many bands offer and settle for some senseless thrashing fun, and Ahvawe sure as hell delivers in that respect. Be sure to show your support by visiting Ahvawe‘s Facebook page! Tracklist Drink Till You Fucking Puke Your Liver Out Demo by Ahvawe Rating: 75%   Lineup Buttfaced Bastard: Vocals, Guitars Vomitron: Guitars Speed Hate Killer: Drums Zombie T.:...

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Gatekrashör – Gatekrashör (2014)

Band: Gatekrashör Release: Gatekrashör (Full-Length) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Label: War on Music/Hard and Heavy Records Bandcamp | Facebook Review Canadian gritty speed metallers Gatekrashör are back again to attack us with their brand new debut full-length album, which follows up on the success of the “Fear of Attack“ EP released back in 2012.  If you dudes haven’t been introduced to Gatekrashör yet (it’s a damn crime if you haven’t), well expect nothing but an abundance of aggressive speed metal at blistering speeds; just enough to get that neck of yours nice and stiff after a vigorous Gatekrashör session. Led by...

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