Progressive Metal

Titan Force – Titan Force (1989)

Band: Titan Force Release: Titan Force (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: United States Year: 1989 Label: US Metal Records Buy from: eBay Note Incredible showcase of technical power metal from the guys at Titan Force with their first ever full-length release.  Although starting off as a traditional heavy metal band in 1983, it wasn’t until Titan Force recruited vocalist Harry Conklin that they truly discovered their unique sound.  If you guys haven’t heard of Harry Conklin before the release of this LP, maybe a little known band named Jag Panzer might jog your memory.  That’s right, Conklin, who went by...

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Talisphere – Talisphere (1996)

Band: Talisphere Release: Talisphere (Demo) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: United States Year: 1996 Label: Self-Released Note Talisphere were among the handful of bands that released some of the most amazing US progressive metal throughout the early to mid 90s, bearing this very demo as their sole release.  From the fist-pounding drums to the soaring vocals, to the ever-so-technical guitar riffs, it is almost impossible not to get a kick out of this one! Tracklist PreventionSearch For The HorizonBitter Cold Rating: 95% Lineup Chris Cronk: Vocals John Piarro: Guitars Sean Noone: Guitars Mario Sevilla: Drums Henry Sanchez:...

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Osiris (Can) – Demos + EP (1986-1993)

Band: Osiris Release: Compilation of Demos and EP: “Osiris 1st Edition (1986)”, “The Hand of Fate (1989)”, “Osiris (1992)”, “Osiris 2nd Edition EP (1993)” Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: Canada Year: 1986-1993 Label: Self-Released Review As a Canadian, it’s almost impossible not to feel a sense of pride when one of your country’s bands releases some of the most amazing heavy metal ever heard.  Within the underground metal scene, countries around the world have had their share of heavy metal glory.  To put this into perspective, Sweden has Gotham City and Heavy Load, France has Sortilege and ADX, Germany has...

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Siren – No Place Like Home (1986)

Band: Siren Release: No Place Like Home (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: United States Year: 1986 Label: Flametrader Buy from: eBay Tracklist Black DeathSo Far To GoOver The RainbowShadows Of The Future PastThe MineTerrible Swift SwordBurning BridgesAnother Lost LoveA Place In TimeIron Coffins Rating: 85% Lineup Doug Lee: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars Rob Philips: Guitars Gregg Culbertson: Bass Brian Law:...

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Prodigy – As Darkness Reigns (1992)

Band: Prodigy Release: As Darkness Reigns (Demo) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: United States Year: 1992 Label: Self-Released Tracklist No Faith For The LiarAs Darkness ReignsPrisoner (Of Your Own Soul)NightmaresKnights Of The RoundtableParadise (On The Edge Of The World)The WatcherIn The EndProdigy Rating: 98% Lineup William Wren: Vocals Kent Smedley: All Guitars Brent Smedley: Drums Kevin Reid:...

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