Progressive Metal

Disorder (USA) – Demo (1989)

Band: Disorder (USA) Release: Demo 1989 Genre: Power/Progressive/Thrash Metal Country: United States Year: 1989 Label: Self-Released Note Disorder‘s first and only full-fledged release perfectly showcases the band’s obsession with sounding as aggressive yet demonically melodic as possible.  Think Crimson Glory and Solar Eagle with a dash of Fatal Violence to bring out the slight thrash factor. Tracklist WarmongerEnding Is NearSix Feet UnderFightin For Life Rating: 92% Lineup Don Hamann: Vocals Eric Haglund: Guitars Vernon Voss: Guitars Tony Rios: Drums Bill Modica:...

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Titan Force – Winner/Loser (1991)

Band: Titan Force Release: Winner/Loser (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: United States Year: 1991 Label: Shark Records Buy from: Discogs Tracklist Fields of ValorShadow of a PromiseWinner / LoserFace to FaceEyes of the YoungOne and AllSmall Price to PayDreamscape Rating: 88% Lineup Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin: Vocals Mario Flores: Guitars Bill Richardson: Guitars John Flores: Bass Stefan...

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Kingsbane (Can) – Kingsbane (1991)

Band: Kingsbane Release: Kingsbane (Full-Length) Genre: Progressive/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1991 Label: Self-Released Note Canada’s definitive answer to Fates Warning/Crimson Glory.  The level of intricacy needed to put this fabulous demo together is absolutely awe-inspiring, and it surely makes me even more proud to be Canadian.  Toronto’s own Kingsbane will definitely keep you hooked for years and years… Fans of Kingsbane should check out Osiris (also from Canada). Tracklist The Wages of SinLost in TimeDreamscapeThe Edge of AbyssRite of PassageDestiny Awaits Rating: 95% Lineup Fabian Madeleine: Vocals Matt Draper: Guitars Mark Stewartson: Guitars Dan Russell: Drums Tom Rokicki:...

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Moon of Steel (Ita) – Passions (1989)

Band: Moon of Steel Release: Passions (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: Italy Year: 1989 Label: Cult ‘N’ Roses Note One thing I’ve learned from the 80s Italian heavy metal scene is their unconventional combination of melody and mysticism, and no other band does it better than the mighty Moon of Steel.  Following in the footsteps of similar native acts such as Flight Charm, Dark Lord and Crying Steel, Moon of Steel‘s unique charm revolves around the progressive nature of heavy metal, making “Passions” one of the most refreshing Italian albums of all time. Tracklist Spanish FlameIt Won't Be The ReasonShy...

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