Power Metal

Hittman – Metal Sport (1985)

Band: Hittman Release: Metal Sport (Demo) Genre: Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Hittman ThemeMetal SportSleepless NightsLive For TomorrowWinds Of Warning Rating: 85% Lineup Dirk Kennedy: Vocals Jim Bachi: Guitars Mike Buccel: Bass Chuck Kory:...

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Mагнит (Magnet) – День гнева (Dies Irae) (1989)

Band: Магнит (Magnet) Release: День гнева (Dies Irae) (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy/Power Metal Country: Russia Year: 1989 Label: Мелодия (Melodia) Tracklist Работай! (Work!)Мы живём, под собою не чуя страны (We Exist Without Feeling Our Land Underneath)Интродукция и ария на тему Б. Марчелло (Introduction And Aria After B. Marcello)Элеонора (Eleonora)Меморандум (Memorandum)Ностальгия (Nostalgia)Храни огонь (Keep The Fire) Rating: 88% Lineup Sergei Lugansky: Vocals (Tracks 1, 4, 7) Karen Melik: Vocals (Tracks 2, 5, 6), Keyboards Vyacheslav Rukhlov: Guitars Alexander Larionov: Guitars Sergei Makarov: Guitars (Track 3) Aleksei Saveliev: Keyboards German Smirnov: Bass Vladimir Gladkovich:...

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Dark Nova (Gre) – The Dark Rhapsodies (1993)

Band: Dark Nova (Gre) Release: The Dark Rhapsodies (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Greece Year: 1993 Label: Molon Lave Records Buy from: Discogs | eBay Tracklist The Way InDeeply VersedTwilight StarPoltergheistAvengerHaunted ForestBack AgainThe Banquet Rating: 88% Lineup Johnny K.: Vocals Athan Skitsos: Guitars Elias Koskoris: Guitars Shrinel Montesquieu: Bass, Keyboards Nick Adams:...

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Sacred Rite – Is Nothing Sacred (1986)

Band: Sacred Rite Release: Is Nothing Sacred (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Speed Metal Country: United States Year: 1986 Label: Medusa Records Tracklist Cold Hearted GirlI've Seen The WizardI Will SurviveTake Me To The KingdomNi4NiEleanor RigbyThe Last RitesAs It Was Told... Rating: 95% Lineup Mark Kaleiwahea: Vocals, Guitars Jim Caterine: Guitars Peter Crane: Bass Kevin Lumup:...

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Kingsbane (Can) – Kingsbane (1991)

Band: Kingsbane Release: Kingsbane (Full-Length) Genre: Progressive/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1991 Label: Self-Released Note Canada’s definitive answer to Fates Warning/Crimson Glory.  The level of intricacy needed to put this fabulous demo together is absolutely awe-inspiring, and it surely makes me even more proud to be Canadian.  Toronto’s own Kingsbane will definitely keep you hooked for years and years… Fans of Kingsbane should check out Osiris (also from Canada). Tracklist The Wages of SinLost in TimeDreamscapeThe Edge of AbyssRite of PassageDestiny Awaits Rating: 95% Lineup Fabian Madeleine: Vocals Matt Draper: Guitars Mark Stewartson: Guitars Dan Russell: Drums Tom Rokicki:...

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