Savage (Nld) – Demo Collection (1981-1982)

Band: Savage (Nld) Release: Demo #1 (1981), Demo #2 (1982), Live at De Leeuwerik, Galder (1982) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Country: Netherlands Year: 1981-1982 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Heavy Rock 'N' Roll (Demo 1981)Into the Arena (Demo 1981)Starbreaker (Demo 1981)Speedin' Home (Demo 1981)Hell on Wheels (Demo 1982)Love Woman (Demo 1982)Wave the Flag (Demo 1982)Starbreaker (Demo 1982)Might Fall in Love (Demo 1982)Fading Away (Demo 1982)Mystery Smile (Demo 1982)Intro (Live 1982)Starbreaker (Live 1982)American Girls (Live 1982)Mad Woman (Live 1982)Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Live 1982)Rescue Me (Live 1982)Mystery Smile (Live 1982)Into the Arena (Live 1982)Hell On Wheels (Live 1982)Voyager (Live 1982)Speedin' Home (Live 1982)Wave the Flag (Live 1982)Soldier...

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Vortex – Open the Gate (1986)

Band: Vortex Release: Open the Gate (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Netherlands Year: 1986 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note The first full-length record released by Dutch metal band Vortex.  This album is a considerable improvement over their 1985 EP “Metal Bats”, and is definitely worth the listen!  Overall, their sound on “Open the Gate” seems a lot more mature, which surely allowed for a better songwriting experience. Tracklist Open the GatesSoul KillerBastardsHorrible DollsGrowing PowerMassgraveThe Beauty and the TeethGlory GoneGet Out Rating: 88% Lineup Jurjen Tichelaar: Vocals Martjo Brongers: Guitars Berend Stegeman: Guitars Jon Roffel: Drums Jan Klemens:...

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Vortex – Metal Bats (1985)

Band: Vortex Release: Metal Bats (EP) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Netherlands Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Reigning as one of the Netherlands’ finest heavy metal bands, Vortex are surely known for their distinct sound, as perpetrated by the gritty vocal stylings of Thundervox.  At times, this record feels like a conglomeration of Mercyful Fate tracks, but obviously not as powerful.  Nonetheless, “Metal Bats” is nothing but a solid EP; no surprises, no technical fillers… just raw and gritty heavy metal! Tracklist Gotta Get AwayWith Witches HelpRolling To The WarMetal BatsThe CurseAlienation Rating: 83% Lineup Thundervox: Vocals...

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Martyr – Darkness At Time’s Edge (1986)

Band: Martyr Release: Darkness At Time’s Edge (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Netherlands Year: 1986 Label: Metalloid Buy from: eBay Tracklist Darkness At Time's EdgeInvisible TouchFollow Your SoulChild Of ScienceThe Third Kin-SlayInto The Abyss130Unknown Forces Rating: 92% Lineup Gerard Vergouw: Vocals Rick Bouwman: Guitars Marcel Heesakkers: Guitars Elias Papadopoulos: Drums Antonine van der Linden:...

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