Hellen – Talon of King (1985)

Band: Hellen Release: Talon of King (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal Country: Japan Year: 1985 Label: Mandrake Root Buy from: eBay Note Truly one of Japan’s greatest heavy metal releases ever to set forth into the world.  A highly recommended album! Tracklist Talon of KingOne Night CarnivalIn the DreamLiarLonely HeartAi No Hono (Fire of Love) Rating: 90% Lineup Takaaki Ichimura: Vocals Yasumitsu Shimizu: Guitars Shinichiro “Rudy” Machida: Bass Junichi Suzuki:...

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Zadkiel – Hell’s Bomber (1986)

Band: Zadkiel Release: Hell’s Bomber (EP) Genre: Black/Speed Metal Country: Japan Year: 1986 Label: Hold Up Buy from: eBay Review Have you ever wondered what would happen if black metal and speed metal legends Venom and Motorhead ever mated?  Well, simply put, they surely would’ve given birth to this monstrosity (in a good way), also known as Zadkiel, hailing from the faraway nation of Japan.  Simply put, Zadkiel play a style very similar to Sabbat, one of the most important bands to ever come out of Japan.  From what you can possibly guess, Zadkiel‘s music is inevitably dark and can get quite...

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