Rex Inferi – Like a Hurricane (1988-1989)

Band: Rex Inferi Release: Like a Hurricane (Full-Length) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Italy Year: Recorded in 1988-1989, Released in 2005 Label: Andromeda Crotalo Buy from: eBay Tracklist Angel of MightGhost HorseFlight to the SkyLike a HurricaneWelcome to the SlaughterBack From the WarMurder in Time Rating: 92% Lineup Chris De Rossi, Alessandro Zazzeri: Vocals Maurizio Samori: Guitar Flavio Portolano: Bass Gianni Lorenzini:...

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Royal Air Force – RAF (1985)

Band: Royal Air Force Release: RAF (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1985 Label: Axe Killer Records Tracklist StorytellersThe Eagle Of The RageOn DiveI'm Sneakin' On YouPowered By The AngerRoyal Air Force Rating: 85% Lineup Dario Pozzibalbi: Vocals J.L. Battaglion: Guitars Mario Riso: Drums Nicola Angileri:...

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Danger Zone – Victim of Time (1984)

Band: Danger Zone Release: Victim of Time (EP) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Italy Year: 1984 Label: Subrecord Buy from: eBay Review What we are offered here is a downright flawless piece of pure heavy metal, plain and simple and I cannot stress that fact enough.  Okay, stop reading this review right now and give the EP a quick listen to let the music sink in.  At first glance, we can immediately give Danger Zone praise for releasing some of the most impressive Italian heavy metal in history. The first track “Victim of Time” is a kick-in-your-face speed/power metal attack that will surely get you off your seat, or get that head banging like no tomorrow, and is no doubt the best song off the album. And man you gotta love Merlini’s melodic voice that fits oh so perfectly with the band’s sound.  These harmonies could easily turn any extreme metalhead into a truther with just one listen!  What the hell am I saying, every damn song is fantastic, just absolutely magical in the sense that it is quite hard finding bands that sound like this in the 80s, let alone today.  If I would continue writing about how much I completely idolize and love this band, this post would surely never end.  Hands down the greatest thing to have ever come out from Italy! Tracklist Victim Of TimeDoctor FreakWolfoxI'm Waiting For YouDragon's...

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Hocculta – Warning Games (1984)

Band: Hocculta Release: Warning Games Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: Italy Year: 1984 Label: Discotto Metal Buy from: eBay Review I guess it’s safe to say how criminally overlooked Italian metal really is. I mean, at first glance, you wouldn’t really expect much from the whole scene (maybe because of bands like Rhapsody that probably put a nail in your brain telling you that this is all Italy has to offer). Think again people! Although Italy might be the last destination for any modern headbanger, the 80s proved to emit the true essence of the country’s capability of producing quality heavy metal.   Here...

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