Shining Blade – Touch the Night (1986)

Band: Shining Blade Release: Touch the Night (Full-Length) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Italy Year: 1986 Label: Lhdlm Buy from: eBay Tracklist Intro140 RphOn the BattlefieldsFoolish LifeBlood BirthdayFreakish FootstepsTonightNight WalkingWinged SnakeTouch the Night Rating: 87% Lineup Francesco d’Elia: Vocals Jimmi Troccoli: Guitars Fabio Pignataro: Guitars Michele Rainieri: Drums Francesco Collela: Bass Gianfranco Sannicandro:...

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Black Evil – Gravy Lust (1984)

Band: Black Evil Release: Gravy Lust (Demo) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1984 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Vengeance LordEvil ShockDamned PriestMetal Fire Rating: 88% Lineup Luca Leoncini: Vocals Massimo Gasparoni: Guitars Paolo Quarati: Guitars Elvin Betty: Drums Paolo Testa:...

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Crying Steel – On the Prowl (1987)

Band: Crying Steel Release: On the Prowl (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Italy Year: 1987 Label: LM Records Buy from: No Remorse (Vinyl) Tracklist No One's CryingChanging The DirectionStruggling AlongFly AwayUpright SmileThe Song Of EveningAlone AgainThundergodsShining Rating: 92% Lineup Luca Bonzagni: Vocals Franco Nipoti: Guitars Alberto Simonini: Guitars Angelo Franchini: Bass Luca Ferri:...

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