M.A.C.E – State of Excitement (1989)

Band: M.A.C.E Release: State of Excitement (Full-Length) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Italy Year: 1989 Label: LM Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist State Of ExcitementThe Wane Of ErgAnother WarThe BeastHysteriaHidden PowerEvil ShotLive To Ride Til You Die Rating: 87% Lineup Fausto Lombardini: Vocals Stefano Pallucco: Guitars Marco Radicchi: Guitars Luca Pallucco: Bass Fabio Adami:...

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Gunfire – Gunfire (1984)

Band: Gunfire Release: Gunfire (EP) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Italy Year: 1984 Label: Picchio Tracklist Intro-Hard SteelThunder Of WarGunfireWings Of DeathFire Cult Rating: 90% Lineup Robert Drake: Vocals Lord Black Cat: Guitars Maury Lyon: Bass Rob Gothar:...

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Dark Lord – Dark Lord (1983)

Band: Dark Lord Release: Dark Lord (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1983 Label: Contempo Records Buy from: eBay Note One of Italy’s finest albums of the glorious 80s! This here isn’t your typical heavy metal record with recycled riffs and whatnot; what we are so gladly offered is an abundance of intricate and uniquely composed music lines that constantly shift throughout each amazing track! That intro riff on “Dark Lord” is still long embedded into my brain even after all these years of listening to it.  Hails to the mighty Dark Lord! Tracklist Lonely WaysIn The Middle Of...

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Vanadium – A Race With the Devil (1983)

Band: Vanadium Release: A Race With the Devil (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1983 Label: Durium Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist Get Up Shake UpI Gotta Clash With YouDon't Be Lookin' BackA Race With The DevilRunning WildFire TrailsOutside Of SocietyRussian Roulette Highlights: “Get Up, Shake Up”, “A Race With the Devil”, “Running Wild”, “Outside of Society”, “Russian Roulette” Rating: 95% Lineup Pino Scotto: Vocals Stefano Tessarin: Guitars Lio Mascheroni: Drums Domenico Prantera: Bass Ruggero Zanolini:...

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Bulldozer – The Day of Wrath (1985)

Band: Bulldozer Release: The Day of Wrath (Full-Length) Genre: Black/Speed Metal Country: Italy Year: 1985 Label: Roadrunner Records Buy from: eBay  Tracklist The ExorcismCut ThroatInsurrection Of The Living DamnedFallen AngelThe Great DeceiverMad ManWhisky TimeWelcome DeathEndless Funeral Rating: 90% Lineup A.C. Wild: Bass, Vocals Andy Panigada: Guitars Don Adras:...

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