Berserks (Ita) – Berserks (1982)

Band: Berserks Release: Berserks (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1982 Label: LCA Buy from: Discogs Tracklist The Sex Symbol MachineBlack SideThe Lady Of LoverockMy Life Is Hard RockThe King In The DreamIce And DarkI Want You, You Want MeSky Rating: 80% Lineup Giovanni Pignattone: Vocals Luciano Toninato: Guitars Pierluigi Constantini: Guitars Luca Urban: Bass Loris...

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Moon of Steel (Ita) – Passions (1989)

Band: Moon of Steel Release: Passions (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: Italy Year: 1989 Label: Cult ‘N’ Roses Note One thing I’ve learned from the 80s Italian heavy metal scene is their unconventional combination of melody and mysticism, and no other band does it better than the mighty Moon of Steel.  Following in the footsteps of similar native acts such as Flight Charm, Dark Lord and Crying Steel, Moon of Steel‘s unique charm revolves around the progressive nature of heavy metal, making “Passions” one of the most refreshing Italian albums of all time. Tracklist Spanish FlameIt Won't Be The ReasonShy...

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Bulldozer – Fallen Angel (1984)

Band: Bulldozer Release: Fallen Angel (Demo) Genre: Speed/Black Metal Country: Italy Year: 1984 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Italy’s finest black/speed metal band, Bulldozer, with their very first release entitled “Fallen Angel”, which inevitably kickstarted these young talented guys into underground heavy metal stardom.  With the following release of four essential albums throughout the mid to late 80s, Bulldozer‘s one of a kind sound that meshed the harshness and dirtiness of early black metal with the harmonies of speed metal was first teased on this very demo. Tracklist Fallen AngelAnother Beer (Is What I Need) Rating: 88% Lineup A.C. Wild:...

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AES (Ita) – AES (1990)

 Band: AES Release: AES (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Italy Year: 1990 Label: G.L. 80 Note Another recently requested album!  I don’t think there are many physically or digital copies of this one around any more.  Judging from the band’s overall sound, they are a bit more harsh and gritty than what I’m used to, with regards to the 80s Italian heavy metal scene.  Nonetheless, it is still very much enjoyable; check out some of the highlights like “Killer Jo” or “Power Metal”! Tracklist Wind is RaisingCruel WorldKiller JoEarth of FirePower MetalNo More Breaths at AllLet's RideFreeman Rating: 83%...

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Wotan (Ita) – Thunderstorm (1993)

Band: Wotan Release: Thunderstorm (Demo) *Self-made cover* Genre: Epic Metal Country: Italy Year: 1993 Label: Self-Released Note I came across this legendary demo not too long ago and was immediately impressed by its astonishing level of quality.  For a demo being released during heavy metal’s lowest period, Wotan surely knew how to keep that very spirit alive.  Simply put, Wotan‘s very first release is nothing short of an epic heavy metal masterpiece. Tracklist Lord of the WindThe King of CrowsSpartacusMother ForestRide of TemplaresVlad TepesIron Shadows Rating: 95% Lineup  Vanni Ceni: Vocals Marco: Guitars Salvatore Oliveri: Bass Tony:...

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