Heavy Metal

Vavel (Gre) – The Second Death (1988)

Band: Vavel (Gre) Release: The Second Death (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Greece Year: Recorded in 1988, Released in 2003 Label: Unisound Records Buy from: Discogs Tracklist Just For RockConfusionLet Me TryChristmas TimeThe Second DeathLet Me TryUnitedLies In Your Eyes Rating: 85% Lineup Pavlos Gavrilidis: Vocals Dimitris Andritsoudis: Guitars Kostas Kiriakides: Drums Pavlos Hatzimeonidis: Keyboards Makis...

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Berserks (Ita) – Berserks (1982)

Band: Berserks Release: Berserks (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1982 Label: LCA Buy from: Discogs Tracklist The Sex Symbol MachineBlack SideThe Lady Of LoverockMy Life Is Hard RockThe King In The DreamIce And DarkI Want You, You Want MeSky Rating: 80% Lineup Giovanni Pignattone: Vocals Luciano Toninato: Guitars Pierluigi Constantini: Guitars Luca Urban: Bass Loris...

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Randy – Demo (1987)

Band: Randy Release: Demo 1987 Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Denmark Year: 1987 Label: Self-Released Buy T-ShirtHighlights: “Nightmare”, “Razor’s Edge”, “It’s Got to Be Love” (personal favorite) Tracklist Come on Let's RockNightmareRazor's EdgeIt's Got To Be LoveVictim of The NightWho's Got The PowerDon't Look Back Rating: 90% Lineup Jørgen Jensen: Vocals, Guitars Brian Andersen: Bass Søren...

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Dave Feinstein – Midnight Lady/Ship on a Stormy Sea (1978)

Band: Dave Feinstein (pre-The Rods) Release: Midnight Lady/Ship on a Stormy Sea (Single) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Country: United States Year: 1978 Label: DMR Note This single features two prominent heavy metal figures at the very beginning of their careers.  Vocalist/guitarist Dave Feinstein would later go on to form the eclectic The Rods, whose hard-hitting melodic anthems continue to influence thousands of heavy metal artists today.  As for bassist Joey DeMaio…well I guess his following creation turned out alright I guess. Tracklist Midnight LadyShip on a Stormy Sea Rating: 85% Lineup David “Rock” Feinstein: Vocals, Guitars Joey DeMaio: Bass, Keyboards Carl...

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DEFENDER – Tales of the Unexpected (1985)

Band: Defender Release: Tales of the Unexpected (Demo) Genre: Heavy metal/Power metal Country: The Netherlands Year: 1985 Label: Independent Note: Tales of the Unexpected is a demo released by the Dutch band Defender. Their sound is like a perfect mix between the operatic and marching sounds of Iron Maiden and the heavy drowsiness of Black Sabbath, with the underground indieness of their own. Unlike most of the tracks on the demo, which sound raw and heavy, Tales of the Unexpected features the track ‘Passing By’ which has a very progressive (and before their time) thrash-metal-ballad-like sound. Tracklist DefenderThe RedeemerShooting The RapidsPassing ByMoloch (Live Bonus Track) Rating: 95% Lineup Remco Bouwens: Drums Bart van Rixel: Guitars Simon Menting: Vocals Harm...

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