Hard Rock

Monarch – As Your Kingdom Falls (1983)

Band: Monarch Release: As Your Kingdom Falls (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Country: United States Year: 1983 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Extremely rare and obscure release by the great Monarch; expect to empty most of your wallet to be able to purchase this one, that is if you find it in the first place!  The first track “As Your Kingdom Falls” could not be a better opener for the album, as it is one to be truly captivated by.  By far the best track on the LP! Tracklist As Your Kingdom FallsSweet FreedomVorspeil/Mystery of LifeThru the ShadowsFlorida SongBlue...

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Stairway – Tomorrow (198?)

Band: Stairway Release: Tomorrow (EP) Genre: Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Country: Germany Year: Unknown Label: Self-Released Note Virtually unknown melodic metal from Germany, as only 200 copies were pressed!  Originally, this EP contained three tracks, but I was not able to procure one of them, entitled “Dream On”, according to Metalpage, which was also apparently the least enjoyable song of the three. Regardless of this, what a truly surprising experience this one is, especially through the track “Losing All My Love”, which is thoroughly constructed on powerful and harmonious guitar leads.  Cannot emphasize the magic behind this gem enough! Tracklist...

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Full Moon – State of the Artist (1980)

Band: Full Moon Release: State of the Artist (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Country: United States Year: 1980 Label: Montagne Buy from: eBay Tracklist Night CallsMaybe Some Other TimeAll On BoardAll I Can DoEvery ManSergeant At ArmsWinter CityCross Country ManState Of The ArtistAre You FreeNo Chance I'll ChangeWe're Almost There Rating: 95% Lineup Joseph Fischer: Vocals, Guitars John Fischer: Guitars Alan Hetzel: Drums Joe Wilhelm:...

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Legend (USA) – From the Fjords (1979)

Band: Legend Release: From the Fjords (Full-Length) Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1979 Label: Empire Records Buy from: eBay   Tracklist The DestroyerThe Wizard's VengeanceThe Golden BellThe ConfrontationR.A.R.Z.Against The GodsThe Iron HorseFrom The Fjords Rating: 88% Lineup Kevin Nugent (R.I.P): Guitars, Vocals Raymond E. Frigon: Drums Fred Melillo:...

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