Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery – Mystery (1991)

Band: Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery Release: Mystery (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power/Melodic Metal Country: Greece Year: 1991  Label: Wipe Out Records Buy from: No Remorse | eBay Note Debut album of the virtuosic guitar stylings of Angelo Perlepes, who definitely showcases his talent through various tracks that easily remind me of Yngwie and other neo-classical guitarists.  Highly overlooked release this one is! Highlights: “Do Me Love”, “The Return”, “Unicorn”, “Mystery”, “Angel’s Capriccio” Tracklist Do Me LoveBaby BlueThe ReturnUnicornMysteryBurning EyesAngel's Capricio Rating: 95% Lineup George Faskiotis: Vocals Angelo Perlepes: Guitars Jim Kontos: Drums Terry Kagelidis: Bass Andrew Roupas:...

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Macedon Harriers – Rise Again (1987)

Band: Macedon Harriers Release: Rise Again (Demo) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Greece Year: 1987 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Sun Of Macedonia Will Rise AgainWeapons Of HolocaustInfernal ExterminatorKilling CureMacedonia The Greece Rating: 85% Lineup Nick Varsamis: Vocals Stelios Sfikakis: Guitars Giorgos Mastorakis: Guitars Chronis Kyriakidis: Bass Michalis Karatzas:...

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Northwind – Mythology (1987)

Band: Northwind Release: Mythology (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Greece Year: 1987 Label: EMI Music Buy from: eBay Tracklist Stop Sisyphus StopMedeaEagles Now They FlyTroyBad Orion Scorpio The PunisherPrometheus The ManIoleAchilles Last StandPan And The Thrill Of The Chase Rating: 87% Lineup Kostas Nikolaidis: Bass, Vocals Panos Tsakiroglou: Guitars Costas Papadopoulos: Guitars Thanasis Tsimoudis:...

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Crush – Kingdom of the Kings (1993)

Band: Crush Release: Kingdom of the Kings (Full-Length) Genre: Epic/Heavy/Power Metal Country: Greece Year: 1993 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Tracklist Beyond The Gates... March Of The DeadsThe Gloriest NightKingdom Of The KingsRun To The HighwayUnbornFlag Of HatePrincess Of HellBallad Of Sorrow Rating: 88% Lineup Panagiotis Konstantinidis: Vocals Pantelis Rodostoglou: Guitars Tasos Vretakis: Bass Kostas Vogiatzogloy:...

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Magna Carta – Magna Carta (1990)

Band: Magna Carta Release: Magna Carta (Full-Length) Genre: Power Metal Country: Greece Year: 1990 Label: Self-Released Buy the Album (Bandcamp) Tracklist Den ZitasDiamartiromeDixos ExofiloParamithiProto PtixioEkei Pou Se GnorisaAfise to PsemaTa GegonotaMia SkiniFinally TimeAfter YouThe EdgeBeyond the Skies Rating: 85% Lineup John Patelis: Vocals Panagiotis Lallis: Guitars, Keyboards Nick Eleftheras: Bass Mark Cross:...

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