Gotham City

Gotham City – Demo (1986)

Band: Gotham City Release: Demo 1986 Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1986 Label: Self-Released Note Swedish metal masters Gotham City with their final release before disbanding in 1987.  As unfortunate as the band’s dissolution was, this demo only gives us a small hint at what Gotham City could’ve become if they had kept going.  Nevertheless, the fans must always cherish their legacy! Tracklist Hang OnLost In Time Rating: 93% Lineup Anders Zackrisson: Vocals Mårten Edlund: Guitars Torbjörn Moen: Bass Lars-Åke Edström:...

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Gotham City – Black Writs (1983)

Band: Gotham City Release: Black Writs (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1983 Label: Brute Force Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist Monsters of Rock1995The CovenBlack WritsBorn to Rock HardIn Vino Veritas Rating: 90% Lineup  Ola Ohlsson: Vocals Marten Edlund: Guitars Bjorn Melander: Bass Jonas Ostman:...

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Gotham City – Gotham City (1982)

Band: Gotham City Release: Gotham City (Single) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1982 Label: Brute Force Buy Gotham City T-Shirt Review I’ll keep this one nice and short for you guys.  This right here is the greatest single to ever come out from Sweden, plain and simple.  With a band like Gotham City, who offer such original and versatile talent, that statement should never be doubted one bit, as it is the undeniable truth (well, with regards to my taste and understanding of the heavy metal world at least).  But what does this single offer that others don’t?  I honestly...

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Gotham City – The Unknown (1984)

Band: Gotham City Release: The Unknown (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1984 Label: Fingerprint Records Buy from: eBay Buy Gotham City T-Shirt Review Sweden has been a large contributor to the underground heavy metal scene during the 80s, providing fans with some of the most amazing heavy metal ever heard.  Hailing from the very important city of Umea, where many bands would soon emerge, Gotham City has easily become my most cherished band of the Swedish underground heavy metal scene.  Reigning along with Heavy Load as one of the most creative, unique and versatile bands in this scene, Gotham City‘s...

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