Scanner – Hypertrace (1988)

Band: Scanner Release: Hypertrace (Full-Length) Genre: Power Metal Country: Germany Year: 1988 Label: Noise Records Buy from: eBay | No Remorse Review As most of you may know, power metal and Germany go together hand in hand.  Here we have one of the greatest power metal albums to have ever been released, where Scanner produce a sound like no other, fusing clear influences of early Helloween with their own “space-like” feel to it.  The result is just remarkable.  The mere fact that the lyrics comprised of journeys to space cemented the whole idea of fantasy into the whole power metal genre...

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Asylum Party – Borderline (1989)

  Band: Asylum Party Release: Borderline (Full-Length) Genre: Post-Punk Country: France Year: 1989 Label: Lively Art Note: One of the true representatives of punk in the mid-80s, Asylum Party, releases their full-length album Borderline: a true must-hear for every punk / metal-head / rock fan. Each track radiates Asylum Party‘s unique, apathetically cold excellence, and the album itself gives off a heavy, chilled, dark vibe, in their tone as well as lyricism. The whole mood is accentuated by heavy synth strings, flat percussion, and a dry bass sound. Borderline is a good album for easy listening, adding to your LP collection, or just for general exploration...

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