Lions Breed – Damn the Night (1984)

Band: Lions Breed Release: Damn the Night (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Germany Year: 1984 Label: Earthshaker Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist Mental DominationHeavy CurrentSearoverAll Night Be DamnedLive and Let DieNeon CityLady of the NightMystery GameValve of Hell Rating: 85% Lineup Ulrich Rohmann: Vocals Axel Julius: Guitars Thomas Sopha: Guitars Martin Bork: Bass Michael Ecker:...

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Pettypew – Against the Stream of Influence (1996)

Band: Pettypew Release: Against the Stream of Influence (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Speed Metal Country: Germany Year: 1996 Label: Face Records Buy from: eBay Note A truly lost gem from the buried depths of Germany!  These talented dudes were quite late to the heavy metal scene in terms of their musical structure, and for this album being released in 1996 of course.  Expect to be blown away by the harmonies that each track just so naturally emits, as well as Thomas Schwarz’ raspy and thrashy voice that is very reminiscent to Rolf from Running Wild! Tracklist ImortalChatoogaChild Of MiseryNo TomorrowCowardDiary Of A DyingAgainst...

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Stairway – Tomorrow (198?)

Band: Stairway Release: Tomorrow (EP) Genre: Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Country: Germany Year: Unknown Label: Self-Released Note Virtually unknown melodic metal from Germany, as only 200 copies were pressed!  Originally, this EP contained three tracks, but I was not able to procure one of them, entitled “Dream On”, according to Metalpage, which was also apparently the least enjoyable song of the three. Regardless of this, what a truly surprising experience this one is, especially through the track “Losing All My Love”, which is thoroughly constructed on powerful and harmonious guitar leads.  Cannot emphasize the magic behind this gem enough! Tracklist...

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Lucifer’s Heritage – Battalions of Fear (1986)

Band: Lucifer’s Heritage (Pre-Blind Guardian) Release: Battalions of Fear (Demo) Genre: Power/Speed Metal Country: Germany Year: 1986 Label: Self-Released Note Pre-Blind Guardian’s second demo, and probably one of my favorite released by them.  The fusing of both the rawness of the production, as well as the melodic/speed metal musical structure behind the tracks surely makes this demo one of the best. Tracklist MajestyTrial By the ArchonBattalions of FearGandalf's RebirthRun For the Night Rating: 95% Lineup Hansi Kursch: Vocals, Bass Andre Olbrich: Guitars Christof Theissen: Guitars Hans-Peter Frey:...

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Lucifer’s Heritage – Symphonies of Doom (1985)

Band: Lucifer’s Heritage Release: Symphonies of Doom (Demo) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Germany Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Note Pre-Blind Guardian’s first ever demo in all its glory.  This release clearly shows the level of talent and creativity behind the band’s soon-to-be-known repertoire. Tracklist HalloweenBrianDead of the NightSymphonies of DoomLucifer's Heritage Rating: 92% Lineup Hansi Kursch: Vocals, Bass Andre Olbrich: Guitars Marcus Dork: Guitars Thomen Stauch:...

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